Coco Angelou Profile

Name: Coco Angelou Working As: Feline Fashionista at The Cat’s Pajama Age: 23 Personal History: I come from a happy home with loving and doting parents. As a kitten, I was never expected to adhere to social norms but was encouraged to explore my curiosities. My supportive parents are the reason why I could pursue a career in the realm of fashion unlike most cats. I always had an affinity for design and fashion when I was young and loved experimenting with colour, form and my mother’s closet. Interests: Fashion of course, I am also really into cuticle and hair care, I love travelling with friends, shopping with or without friends. I enjoy watching TV shows and am a movie and music-o-holic who can’t live without chocolate. Life Moto: 1. The world is my runway! 2. Choose kindness and Laugh often. Women I admire: Anna Wintour, Emma Watson, Kate Middleton,

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