You know those usual office procrastination tools, your Facebooks, youtubes, trashy but oh so yummy articles on the Kardashians that you feel utterly guilty about reading and thoroughly deny reading them.

Well I don’t indulge in them anymore, No Siree!! Working at a fashion jewellery brand has some amazing perks,when I have to procrastinate; all I need to do if ruffle through our inventory trying on one chunky necklace after another. IT IS THE BEST!!

I was just mentioning this to a friend the other day when she unceremoniously hit me on the arm and exclaimed “How do you do it? I can never bring myself to wear these bold and funky necklaces, but I want to so bad, they are gorgeous, sadly I don’t think it goes with my classic and dainty style.”

I understood her dilemma and also realised how many women must be wary of trying on bold designs because of many such reasons, so I decided to decode Statement Necklaces.

As with anything in Fashion the key is your personality. You can pick a favourite colour and choose a design around that, or a favourite aesthetic like floral, tribal, bohemian, victorian etc. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Jewellery is one of the easiest and most dynamic ways to reinvent your personal style. You can be polished and elegant one day and avant garde and edgy the next.

Here are some easy rules you could follow.

1.) Solids With Multicolour

If you are wearing a top in a solid colour add some bright neons or a multicolour statement piece to really make it POP!


2.) Prints with Monochromatic

With a nice printed or patterned top , wear a neckpiece in a single colour family to keep it simple and not take away from your necklace or your top.


3.) Casual with Eclectic

A casual tee or a simple top can be instantly more edgy and glam if you pair it with a fun bohemian or quirky necklace


One of my go to looks is, a basic denim button down shirt, with a bright necklace and bold lips.


Don’t be afraid to look mix a bold pattern with a big necklace, you will make a strong statement.


Also a casual tee becomes so much more dressy and glamorous if you add a big dose of sparkle to it.


These are just basic rules, but at the end of the day, it is your style and your personality so go crazy and feel free to experiment. Just remember when wearing a bold statement necklace, try and keep your other jewellery to a minimum and also don’t match your colours too much it looks contrived.

Just have fun with it and Live Gorgeously!

Coco Angelou

Which look is your favourite? Did you enjoy the post? What kind of style posts would you like to see next? Tell us in the comments.